I have two new Honeywell TrueEASE HE200 humidifiers on two older SnyderGeneral furnaces. They are simple humidifiers with the only electrical component being the water solenoid. One humidifier works fine. The second one works but consistently cuts out the furnace burner before the blower even comes on (less than minute). So there is a never-ending short cycle of one-minute burner only (with humidifier solenoid energized), two minutes fan only, everything off for two minutes, then gas valve and humidifier solenoid both energized again until the gas valve prematurely closes and the burner turns off, etc. As soon as I disconnect the solenoid to the humidifier, the furnace will run normal cycles of 5, 10, 15 minutes or whatever it takes to satisfy the thermostat. I have 27.2 volts to both gas valves when calling for heat. Both humidifier solenoids cause about a 1.5 voltage drop. The problem furnace's 24 volt circuit (gas valve and water solenoid) pulls a little more amperage than the combo that works well but ohms law tells me I am still only using about 14 watts between the valve and solenoid on the problem furnace and the 40VA transformer should handle that fine. Why will the gas valve not stay open when sharing its 24 VAC with the water solenoid?