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    Do any of you have Ind. Ref. or Rack Com. Ref. experience?

    What of all those things do you like the most?

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    Mixing oil and fire with a big spoon.
    what things?
    How to make the perfect "Half-Hitch" knot or any other boyscout knot in 3 easy steps...

    1. Remove your meter leads from the meter and very carefully return them to their storage case or bag.
    2. Wait 2 seconds
    3. Very carefully remove your meter leads from their storage place and enjoy your new knot!

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    Do any of you have Ind. Ref. or Rack Com. Ref. experience?

    Yes .
    The 64 roars to life Whoo hoo ...shes a rolling chassis .
    You bend em" I"ll mend em" !!!!!!!
    I"m not a service tech.. I"m a thermodynamic transfer analyst & strategic system sustainability specialist
    Best Austin Healey In Show twice in 2013 .....All those hrs paid off .

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