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    Burners not lighting Lennox G1203-82-4

    I have a Lennox G1203-82-4 ac/heat unit. The pilot light stays lit but the burners do not fire up. After about 30 seconds the blower comes on and will stay on.

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    Call for service

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    Thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfknopp View Post
    Thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of that.
    I f you can't troubleshoot it by looking at it then time to call the service guy and open your wallet, very rarely does one save money while trying to save money, it's a paradox and is woven throughout life.
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    I imagine the actual model is G12Q3-82 if Lennox. Be careful messing with this furnace, if the burners DON'T ignite and the gas builds up, you've got an explosive situation on your hands. Call a professional right away as it could be VERY dangerous! This old a unit has very few safeties (sp?) compared to the newer units. Don't spend much on this unit as the efficiency is very low and it's old.

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    30 year old duracurve... think it might be cracked?

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    I can only remember seeing 1 duracurve that wasn't cracked. I was very surprised!
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