Model: PFCZ67A-AL3
3 Phase
Dual receivers
No cooling call. Compressor hotter thanÖ. Low side 10psi High side 100psi Low amps on all legs 5.9-6.0
Nameplate run amps is 10
At first it looks like it has a leak Ö..low charge.
I did find that the receiver pressure switch is open so that the receivers heaters havenít been on.
Outside temperature of 30 deg F

My question is could during the off cycle most of the refrigerant has moved into the condenser because the heaters are off in the receivers. Than on start up the head pressure control is closed due to the low pressure in the receivers and its making it look like that its low on refrigerant because itís bypassing all hot gas and starving the evaporator and no liquid is being let back into the system.

I havenít worked on any units with a Head Control so just trying to understand what Iím seeing here.