Hi All,

IM new to this site. Im hoping someone can help me solve a problem I have. I bought a house last year that has a 13 year old Hunter Technologies Fireplace (Model MGDV31-3 propane).

I live in Ontario Canada and have found out from the local fireplace stores that my 3" venting is no longer code and since Hunter is no longer in business I cant find a replacement vent cap anywhere. If anyone knows where I can get a replacement cap then this would be great.

Aside from this perfect solution, someone told me today that some manufactures allow 3rd party vent kits to be installed. I dont have the Hunter manual to verify if hunter allows this so if someone has the owners manual that can tell/send to me that would be great.

Lastly i have seen products that can be sprayed on rust that will turn it to steel. Would this be safe to use for a rusted vent cap?