Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me with my setup. I had a 4TEE3F65B1000AA (5ton) handler with an XR15 (3.5 ton) condenser installed in my 1800 sf home about three years ago. We opted for the larger handler for the variable speed fan. i haven't had the velocities checked, but it seems to run at minimal fan speed with AC request and high speed for heat, regardless of the temperature difference. It was my understanding that it should run fairly low speed under either setting for a few minutes, then ramp up if there was need. I checked the DIP switches yesterday on the handler and they were still at the factory settings (x-x-x-x-o-x-o-x), x off, o on for positions 1-8.
I changed 2 to 'on' to account for the 3.5 Ton condenser, and 5 and 6 on for Enhanced fan speed, which I assume should allow 50% initial, then ramp up. I was wondering if anyone can verify these settings or suggest others, my only other thought would be to run the heat fan at med-low speed (high is blowing far too much, runs for short times and is annoying to have blowing on you constantly when sleeping and otherwise).
We live in Texas and the AC has worked OK to this point, but not great and not giving the cost saving we'd hoped for when replacing the 25 y/o 2.5-Ton unit. I'm hoping configuring to the 3.5 condenser will help. I also have the fan delay on the thermostat set to '0' (is this a problem since the handler is at 1.5m?).
I can give more information if needed, but am a bit short on time right this moment.
Thank you for any help!