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    Hmm Continuum new workstation (Multiuser)

    Hello people

    I am from Germany and will add in a existing system (Continuum multi-user Windows Server 2000), a newworkstation. I inserted the CD and start the installer. But now i have to write settings? When I enter the default parameters, the program complains that the server is not there or the connection is forbidden. Here the input fields. The server name is "Haupserver" and is also responsive. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help ..
    Sorra for my english.
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    before you setup the workstation, you need to do a database initialization.
    Then you setup the workstation and by then there is no need to enter any server information as all those fields are already filled in with the correct information

    The manual that comes with the software pretty much goes through the whole process step by step....

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    ok thanks...

    the database is already. there are 5 worstations inkluded and works.

    But we need a 6th workstation. The installer is now a little bit running. I create my workstation but she is in the explorer empty. Also the sentinal ist not installed. If i start the continnum on my pc the programm says: no security key found...

    any helps for me ?

    Thank you

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    now it works to 95 %..

    I am online but:
    The software say, i have a problem with MSMQ (see pic) and
    If i will open an grafik (from listview) the path is not correct.

    Who can i set the path for the grafiks and what is this MSMQ ?

    Thank you....
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    i think you are missing the point.... you need to do a database initialization on your 6th workstation. In other words you need to tell your new workstation where the database resides

    from what you are describing, it appears that during the install process you did a MSMQ install, which was NOT needed since your new workstation is not the database server.
    Looks like you did it anyway and now your workstation is looking at its own hardrive for a database that doesn't exist !!

    You need to do a database initialization again and make sure to direct it to the server that holds the database. When that is successful, you must do a workstation initialization.

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    the wokstation is online, i can edit the programms (explorer) and so on.
    i change the path from the grafiks in the pinpoint-editor. All ist good but:
    We have here maby 1000 grafiks. But i can open maby 500 to 600 grafiks. I have grafiks, so the pinpoint say "check the Path from the grafik" !

    But if i open then pinpoint-Editor directly and open the list of the grafiks and will open a grafik from the list, the editor can not open (path wrong).

    What is this ???

    Thank you so much...
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