I am working on a customers system, yesterday I changed out the transformer, finally got voltage out for the 24 side, then today replaced thermostat. Accidentally put white wire where white would go but its on the conventional side so turned on system and it started smoking but it wasn't anything major. Just one of those two wire things where it has a square end with shrink rap around it, that is what burnt, not sure what it is though? so I cut the bad end put the wires together with wire nut, hooked therm white wire to aux/e, its a hunter brand. Compressor came on but condenser fan did not so I changed the capacitor still fan did not turn. What is that two wire thing for and at the thermostat there was a brown wire attached to the (T) terminal on the old thermostat which is a weathertron, what is that for? I'm not sure if the capacitor I put on was a good one, it was one I had on my truck, just not sure if it was old or new. I think it may just need a new capacitor but wanted to ask if anyone can help. This unit is really old probably over 30 years!