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It's working perfectly. That was definitely a defrost cycle and a mini split inverter system is designed to never shut off.

A word of advice; if it's not working as you'd expect, walk away for 10 minutes. That always fixed things. Congrats on your new system!
I'm glad it's working correctly. I did notice that when I had it set to 72 degrees it shut off for a couple minutes. I set it to 74 degrees and it hasn't shut off since (it has been a couple hours). What determines if it shuts off completely or not?

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now, spend the money to get a blower door test and
air seal the house. esp where new addtion connects
to older portion.
have ducts in crawl tested & mastic sealed.
it is much more affordable to heat a house with few holes
than a house with lots of holes.

I'm curious about this..you talk about ducts in crawlspace
no heat in addition...and then ducts in walls..is it that the ducts
in the walls couldn't be added to the existing system?

I really hope you are off on sq ft of original house...3 tons
for 500 sq ft or even 1000 sq ft is crazy.
it may be an option to down size this unit once
house & ducts are sealed.

once the air sealing is done...then you invest in insulation.
if you just insulate over leaks you just filter the leaks thru the
insulation. de-rates the value of the insulation greatly.

congrats on the minisplit. sounds like you made a good choice.

best of luck.
I am off with the square footage because I don't remember what it is exactly. I know the whole house is around 2,000 square feet. I believe the old part of the house is 360 - 500 square feet, so the addition is probably around 1,500 square feet. The addition has the duct work in the walls. The old portion of the house has duct work under in the craw space, and we were told that duct work would need to be redone, and we got the mini-split instead.

I will look into insulating the house better.

Thank you both!