I am in the process of having an Aprilaire whole-house humidifier installed and the contractor was also telling me about the Aprilaire Model 3410 Air Cleaner (with Even-Based Cleaning) and the Model 5000 Air Cleaner (EAC). I've spent some time in this forum and have read various opinions about air cleaners in general.

Well, do they work in reducing symptoms of asthma and allergies?

One HVAC professional in this forum who didn't believe in air cleaners said that the amount of "dirt" you collect from the Aprilaire filter at the end of the year is minimal when compared to the amount of dirt you collect from your vacuum cleaner (if you total the whole year). He said this to illustrate that air cleaners in general don't filter much dust and allegens.

Another HVAC professional suggested that HVAC systems in general don't generate enough pressure to be good air cleaners.

What do you guys think?