Good day people! This is my first post and I'm asking for professional help. I recently inquired this beautiful machine about 1 month ago and I can't get this unit to harvest before my 3.5 mins. So, I've read all your post regarding long harvest issues and I tried everything. Ok here's the confusing part, about a week ago out the the blue my harvest dropped from 3.5 mins to 2.5 mins and made beautiful ice and filled the bin. Well the harvest time slowly increased to >3.5?? I triple checked the machine for scale build up and cleaned the evap plate w Manitowoc nickel safe cleaner 4 times. The plate looks pretty good. Ice probe is clean as well. My freeze time is 20 mins and makes beautiful ice. During the harvest I noticed the fan comes on about 2-3 times before the 3.5 min lockout. Also I tried blocking half off the condenser and made my times even greater?? Usually the left side of my evap the ice starts to come off before the right side, but it did that when it was harvesting at 2.5 mins. I'm really needing someone to give me some professional help pretty plz . My good friend thinks its the Hot gas solenoid valve not opening all the way of could be leaking during the harvest. I kinda thought about that because if I was low on refrigerant it wouldn't make consistent freeze time of 20 mins and it wouldn't of have me great harvest time of 2.5 mins for a whole week before it started to slowly decline back to >3.5 mins. Maybe the valve is not opening all the way again or sticking?? I'm a min wage worker and I'm pretty handy and my family would greatly be humbled to have this machine working for our daily use!! I also downloaded the service manual and read it front to back 3 x. I read from your previous post that my condenser fan shouldn't come on during harvest and it does at least 2x, but manual said it can during harvest so I'm seriously needing help guys... God bless and any help will be greatly appreciated!!