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    Another truck got broked into thread

    My truck got broke into Friday morning... sitting in front of the house...on a street corner....a street corner lit up like a christmas tree.....
    Broke the hasps off my side doors and the back door to my camper top.

    Got my Hioki meter, a cordless drill and sawzall....all my electrical and pipe fitting tools....wrenches etc......screwdrivers..... everything I work with...... passed up a spool of 18-4 and 2 500 foot spools of 14 stranded......and some various other spools of 16 and 18 gauge stranded... Left my soldering irons, the controllers and parts I had on digital thermometer......two hammers......a hammer drill and a fish tape....

    The tool box had all aluminum pipe wrenches and large crescent wrenches in it and other tools .....

    I made a police report......went to two pawnshps in town yesterday and no luck...... Hopefully these fools will pawn them.....and hopefully the pawn shop will report them

    They also got my box of sockets and wrenches.

    I never used my piping tools but kept them on there for removing actuators etc.... and just in case...... the hand tools..... and that meter are what really bother me..... half the time I leave that bag in the cab.....put it in the back the last time I used it....

    I had my maintenance cart out of the truck usually rides in the back and it would have prevented them from getting to that box of wrenches...

    Had laptops and other meters up front in the back seat..... thank goodness they didnt go there.....
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    Sucks. For their sake, I hope the cops catch the bastards before you do.
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    It sucks.

    I have only had one major break in of a truck but that one ended up with a figure of roughly $11,000 once I figured out what all was taken. Really took a long time to figure out what all was taken being a lot of stuff was not on police report being I had forgotten a lot of stuff that was on that truck until it was neede again and then you remembered ...... OH ya they stole that too.

    I no longer let a lot of stuff that is not used real often ride around on trucks ..... roto hammers , larger pipe threaders and fittings , excess Fitting or connectors ( try keeping it to only enough to get you by a week or 2 then restock when your getting down ) I use to keep large quanities not worrying about break ins. Limited quanity of valves , motors , boards, contactors and relays . I use to figure if there is room .... carry more to make sure you don't run out. Now I look at it defensively too.

    I will no longer carry that high high of dollar of stuff on one truck at one time if its not being needed at least by the end of the week. Ya I know thats not that high when it comes to tools and parts but I do realize that a lot of stuff rides on these trucks just in case. Now if I don't happen to have it on the truck ....... the customer can pay for the extra trip if its uncommon.

    The part I had to laugh at when I lost the $11,000 worth of stuff on the one truck was they dumped boxes and metal containers of electrical components and parts on the ground so they could use the boxes to fill with tools so it was easyier to carry across the shop yard to where they cut through the fence to there vehical. I just think what the dollar value I would have lost if they knew what the stuff was worth , that they dumped. That stuff was just pil ed around the truck the next morning when I pulled in the shop yard.

    To this day I have a problem of looking in that rear view mirror thinking of what all I lost that night in that truck that in all reality was probably carry a little more then needed be , being it was parked where it hidden out of site of traffic or any passers by , making it easy for a theif .

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    check your local craigslist for tools for sale also

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    Our yard has been broken into twice in the last year and a half. Seems copper was what they wanted more than tools or even r-22!

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    It sucks to get your tools ripped off. Theives got me good a few years ago. Got in the van and took only the good stuff. If I ever catch one they are gonna pay for what the last one did as well as what they are up to.
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    And on top of you being sick, man when it rains it pours.
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