Hello, All,

I'm new here. Sorry, this is long!

I live in the Midwest. We have a small Cape Cod, less than 1600 sq. ft. No basement, two bedrooms--COLD in the winter, HOT in the summer, especially the room with the vaulted ceilings. We put a window A/C unit in that room.

We've had repairmen in for the same issue every year, a furnace that had sensor problems. They changed it a few years ago, but we still have trouble sometimes. I have learned how to clean it. But I have started to think there are other, more serious problems with the house that exacerbate the furnace cycle problems.

One other trouble we have is that the furnace was installed over a dirt floor and also that the dryer vents into a sink in the utility closet sink, next to the furnace. Solved the dirt floor problem by pouring a floor underneath. Still have to get a dryer vent to the outside in the spring, but I would say the furnace stays cleaner now that the dirt floor problem is gone.

So this season, the flame sensor has been acting a little bit quirky. Not too bad, but I still find it unsettling when the furnace re-cycles. So I start my usual thing of looking on the internet for how to get this house warmer. It's too cold, and I realize that the furnace is going on way too often.

It's possible that the insulation is way too little. We did have the roof replaced and put good insulation in that. THe windows are replacement, but I think the previous owner went cheap. And the house is from the '50s or '60s. SO I know the insulation is poor to nonexistent. My husband doesn't think we could fix that without tearing out all the walls. Not enough space.

Now we think maybe a small, upstairs furnace could help.

We are finally, after 3 1/2 years, ready to get serious about this home's heating problems. I don't know where to start. Should I do an energy audit? Should I have another HVAC person come in? Where would you suggest I start? And thanks for reading!!!