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    Filter Recomendation

    I'm having the return duct entering the furnace redone next week and wanted opinions on value of upgrading to a filter cabinet? I moved in the house two years ago and have been confused on the recommended type of filter for the furnace. It's a 3 year old Tempstar Mod T9MVX100120A1. I had a contractor in to service it and they strongly recommended humidifier, Merv 16 Filter Cabinet, UV, etc... After reading some of the forums sounds like some feel the better filter cabinets are worth it??

    The Tempstar manual instructions on filters is pretty confusing. It basically says replace filter with what was installed. Since I wasn't the original owner, when I moved in they had green "washable" filters in place 1" or less thick. The first service tech I had out made a big deal out of that and said those are "rock catchers". He tried to talk me into a Merv 16 cabinet for hundreds of dollars.

    Now that I'm having the return box just ahead of the furnace modified, I wanted to check with your team to see what the straight story is on filters for this type of furnace? I'm now using the cheap 1" throw aways and do replace monthly. We don't have allergy issues or pets so not a big concern that way.

    I did contact Tempstar and their response was "the unit is shipped with 2 - 16 x 20 x 1/2" filters. You can use any filter that size in the furnace."

    There's a big Caution: Box in manual that states - "Risk of reduced furnace life - Failure to follow this warning could result in increase furnace operating temperature and shorten the life of the furnace. Filters specified for the furnace are rated at a max 600 FPM Air velocity and sized for the furnaces airflow rate. Replacement filters must be of equivalent type, size and rating except as described below. Disposable low-velocity filters may be used to replace washable, high-velocity filters, providing they are sized for 300 FPM or less."

    The "below" infomation goes into different rack and mount configurations. Right now i have one filter just to the left side of the furnace.

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    i would replace the elbow with a Trion air bear right angle. It has a 20" x 25" x 5" pleated filter merv 8 or merv 11. you can look it up. I try to get this installed on most of my furnace changeouts. lots of filter area, gasketed foam on the filter minimizes bypass air, easy to change, and usually lasts 6-12 months. depending on conditions.

    you can get info here

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    Thanks ill run that by my contractor

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