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    spend more fixing Manitowoc B150, buy used Ice-o-matic U150, or ...?

    I've been a lurker in this forum for years, and appreciate
    all the info that you folks have provided.
    I own/operate a restaurant and maintain all the equipment.
    My Manitowoc B150 has been my continuing nemesis.
    It came with the restaurant when we bought it nine years ago.
    It was poorly maintained before that - no filter - furry condensor -
    bent fins - missing and loose slats, and lime, on evaporator - pink and black
    slime - the whole works. I've been keeping it clean
    and replacing parts as necessary, but lately I've been beaten.
    It makes ice, but the harvest is slow, and tripping the
    #2 safety limit. After trying all the tricks I've learned over
    the years, but I can't get it to reliably harvest. I even
    called in my HVAC guy. He evacuated and recharged it.
    That didn't help. In reading the manual, and various
    postings, my guess is that either the hot gas valve is
    constricted (but not completely - it does harvest - just
    not quickly enough - and its hot on its output), or someone
    suggested the refrigerant lines can disconnect from the back
    of the evaporator.

    So, my problem in the cost of paying my HVAC guy to keep
    trying to fix it versus replacing it. It looks like replacing the
    HGV would be a $$$ job, and I'm not sure that's the problem.

    I can't afford a new unit, but have a line on an Ice-o-matic
    U150 for $$$$. I haven't seen it yet, but the owner claims
    its just a couple of years old and in good condition. I was
    planning to check it out today, and was doing some reading
    today on Ice-o-matic, and see a lot of negative opinions.

    Another option is just to hang in there buying ice until
    I can find another undercounter Manitowoc. At least
    I understand how they work, and the opinion of them
    here seems better, but I doubt I could get a good used
    one for less than $800, if that.

    I'd sure appreciate any advice on either my B150
    problem, or which way I should go.


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