Years ago I acquired a new condenser unit. The crate was damaged, and the company didn't want the risk of selling it and having problems. So, I ended up with it. So 10 years later, It's still bolted to a skid, no damage to skirting/paneling or the coils, it's r22, and charged, and ready to braze up, suck vacuum, and open the valves. Question I have, is what would the value be In this day and age, considering the price of r22 and it's availability..

It's a trane, model 2ttb0048a1000aa

My buddy had his furance replaced, and had a 4 ton evaporator installed up top, and has lines ran out to a pad and capped, but never got the other half of the program, and he's interested.

I don't want to cut my throat, but don't want to just give it away, I know it's worth something, but how much, reason I'm asking here, sorta feel out the market value...... Appreciate the info.