i have an american standard AUY08oR9V3W6 furnace with a 2A6H4030B1000AA heat pump. I currently have a Honeywell VisionPRO TH8000 connected that has recently failed. I decided to install a TH8320ZW as I wanted to play around with z-wave. My problem is that the 8000 controlled the auxiliary heat while the 8320 does not have this option. Is there an easy way to make the furnace control the aux-heat? Thanks in advance for your help and/or comments

Thermo (T) Furnace HeatPump (HP)
Y2 Bk
L W2
E: Black, W1:White(T),White(HP)
Aux: White, W1 & W2 have jumper
E & Aux have jumper R: Red(T), Red(HP)
S1ink G: Green (T)
S2 grey B/L: Blue (T),Blue(HP)
Rc Y: Yellow(T),Yellow(HP)
R: Red YLo
Rc & R have jumper Y
O/B: Orange
Y: Yellow
G: Green
C: Blue