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    Hmm Trane vs. Day and Night

    My Amana AC/heat pump R22 compressor died and it will cost $ to fix because I believe it is the original from my 26 years old house. I am shopping around for a new unit and have narrowed it down to 2 contractors:

    #1 - for a Trane over-under 3.5 ton PHP. The contractor is a big company that has A+ rating from the BBB but with 20 complains with BBB over last 3 years. There are quite a few customer complains about them but also many raves. I think this company contract with their tech so it will be a luck of the draw if I will get a good installer.

    #2 - for a Day and Night #PHDBBEGODKOOOC. A smaller company with A+ rating and 4 complains with BBB within last 3 years. The price includes installation of a new return duct drops (current unit is an over-under but they're going to install a side-by-side) and sealing of existing ductwork. The person who came out was every knowledgeable and I had a good feeling about him.

    Both systems will be 13 seer and both contractors will have to do a Manual J calculation as required by my electrical company (for rebate program). The price difference is $.

    Which should I pick? There is literally no info about Day & Night except that is it owned by the same company as Carrier but is make by a different assembly line with different parts so it's of a lesser quality than Carrier. I live in Arizona and the unit will be a rooftop unit.

    Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Trane not my favorite.... no nothing about day and night...... others may try and help you .....
    it was working.... played with it.... now its broke.... whats the going hourly rate for HVAC repair

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    There are ample day and night (carrier) units i service that are 20+ yrs old. Good product. I prefer carrier builds as opposed to trane. Easier access of parts and cheaper to repair. The unit will break down at some point, i like the fact that when it does i can get a replacement part that will do the job w/o having to go back to trane for the part.( no local trane parts houses where i am) just my .02

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    Day & Night packs are just Carriers. If Trane still makes and over/under, might be simpler to stay with that design.

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