Hello, glad I have stumbled across this thread..a lot of good info. Hope someone can help me out on this..I have an

American Standard Gold ZM down flow variable speed furnace 95% efficiency
1st stage is 49,400
2nd stage is 76,000

The installers set me up with a Emerson (white rogers)

Big Blue signle stage thermostat with Automatic Heat/Cool Changeover option
Model - 1F95-1277

Not sure on some of the settings..

Should the T-stat be set to GAS or ELECTRIC fan setting?

I have the T stat to slow cycle rate at 1.2 degree instead of the .6 degree for HEAT setting

Also should I have the fast 2nd stage setting on?
This is what fast 2nd stage setting is all about in the manual....

Select Fast Second Stage ON or OFF In the run
mode, with the fast Heat feature enabled (FA Heat On), if
the Heat setpoint temperature is manually raised by 3F
(2C) or more above the actual temperature using the
second stage will energize immediately. With FA OFF,
second stage will not energize until the setpoint temperature
is 1F or more above actual temperature for more
than ten minutes. The Fast Cool feature (FA Cool) provides
the same controls when the setpoint temperature is

Thanks alot for the help..just trying to set up my home the best I can getting through Winter in Michigan. Thanks.