Hello fellas,
I haven't resourced here in awhile but I want to run this by you. I take care of a church with Tracer. The system has a UPCM and 2 BUC's and many Tuc's on several floors. One fan coil unit with TUC has been experiencing this "cooling setpoint failed" diagnostic that reset and then presents over and over. This diagnostic has been happening for several months. It happens in both Occ and Unocc. With my limited experience with Tracer I have checked the source parameters and all are set to Tracer. The customer has Rover and we plan to get into the TUC to check settings. I checked wire terminations at wall sensor and control board and all looks ok. What else can I check. There's like 20 other FCU's on the system and all other are good with same settings. What situations cause this diagnostic. The system is up to date with software revisions that were installed a year ago.