Hello all,

I live in a new construction in Ottawa, Canada with a basic York furnace. TG9S model.

During the first heating season, the venter motor starting making a loud "winding" / humming noise during operation (sounds like a water pump being operated). It was replaced under warranty through a service call. The reason was "failing ball bearings". Sure, ok. I didn't really get an explanation as to why it happened on a furnace that was less than a year old.

It is now the second heating season and the replacement motor was making a similar noise again during operation. It progressively got louder over the period of a few days. It was just replaced again today through a service call. I asked the tech what could be the cause. The answer was, "well, parts fail, its normal". So, my new home HVAC warranty runs out in a few months and I'm concerned that this is going to something that I'll be replacing every year for a few hundred dollars.

Just wondering if anybody could give me some speculation on why this is happening or if it is just a one-off coincidence occurrence.

Any way I can prevent it??