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    Question 2 exhaust venter motors in 2 years on a new construction furnace?

    Hello all,

    I live in a new construction in Ottawa, Canada with a basic York furnace. TG9S model.

    During the first heating season, the venter motor starting making a loud "winding" / humming noise during operation (sounds like a water pump being operated). It was replaced under warranty through a service call. The reason was "failing ball bearings". Sure, ok. I didn't really get an explanation as to why it happened on a furnace that was less than a year old.

    It is now the second heating season and the replacement motor was making a similar noise again during operation. It progressively got louder over the period of a few days. It was just replaced again today through a service call. I asked the tech what could be the cause. The answer was, "well, parts fail, its normal". So, my new home HVAC warranty runs out in a few months and I'm concerned that this is going to something that I'll be replacing every year for a few hundred dollars.

    Just wondering if anybody could give me some speculation on why this is happening or if it is just a one-off coincidence occurrence.

    Any way I can prevent it??

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    You said humming like in locked up? Does it only lock up only when its powered up( electrically locked) or is it tight when sitting idle (failed bearings)

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    Humming but still operating and moving air.
    Not locked up.

    I didn't move or touch the motor while it was sitting idle so I don't know of its behaviour while it was not powered up.

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    Could be collecting water in the housing and burning up the motor. Have the tech check the furnace drain per manufacture installation instructions and make sure all is level and vent pipe properly sloped.

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