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Sure, Knipex makes nice stuff, but they're made in Germany. All Channel Lock and Klein tools and most Craftsman Professional stuff is made in the USA. They're all high quality and will get the job done.
Every single Klein screwdriver or nut-driver that I have owned has twisted or broken within two months of owning, then again I work in a factory producing commercial equipment so I can spend weeks at a time turning screws. Channel Lock makes nice stuff but they have not kept up with there designs for well.... channel lock type pliers. I'm currently using Irwin groovelocks. 6" to 10" Thinking about a set of 12". The craftsman professional line is going away. This is what I was told so it could be wrong info. Their standard line USA made has been re branded industrial with a larger price tag.

I'm all for supporting jobs in the USA but I will not buy inferior products just because they are labelled "made in the USA". Capitalism is about competition. Buying stuff simply because it's made in the USA does not benefit this country because it allows companies to rest on it and not really compete.