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    Flex Duct Question---Foil Jacket or Plastic Jacket--Does it matter?

    I'm replacing some flex duct in my crawlspace and am wondering if there is a difference between flex duct with a "foil" wrapping as compared to a plastic wrapping. All the big box stores seem to carry the foil type, but the existing flex duct I have in the crawlspace has a black plastic covering. I presume the benefit of the foil wrapping is that it reflects sunlight, but this would be unnecessary in the crawlspace. Most of the big box stores only carry the foil wrapped type, but I'm just wondering if there is a reason why one is used over the other. Perhaps the plastic type serves as a vapor barrier as well?

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    Generally the foil covering is a tougher outside cover and stands up to being drug thru a crawlspace without damage. We use only foil covered in crawlspaces and plastic wrapped overhead. The best is always galvanized metal pipe, and in crawl you can wrap it or use slip over-sleeve insulation over outside.

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    I really like the idea of the foil flex, especially in attics, solely for the purpose of it's radiant barrier.
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