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    Water Heater Inconsistant Temperature Output

    Before I call another plumber to fix the issue, I just wanted to confirm my answer on the issue. I attached a photo diagram to better help get a answer.

    On my current system, I am getting random temperature outputs throughout the day. I have two fifty gallon in series, (heater 1) is natural gas and active. Plumber set (heater2) as a passive storage tank, non active. I also have a circ pump that returns from the furthest part of the house. Also the temperature variation is not only measured at the furthest end of the house, but also at the closest faucet to the water heaters. Reason for two heaters, is that was the only way for me to get the house Energy Star and Efficient through the state.

    I am thinking that the reason for the inconsistency is that (heater 2) is not powered. By having a plumber make (heater 2) powered this may solve the inconsistency of temperature. Is this the right line of thought? I have checked the system and can not see any other reason for temperature differences.

    Thanks JR
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