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    Did my technician really forget to hook up my heat strips?? (pics included)

    hello i found this site trying to search for my answer online and it looked like there were some very helpful people on here so im giving it a shot.

    long story short i got a new ac unit and handler installed in my condo almost two years ago and i have no intention on calling the original guy back out to look at it. i live in Arizona and i just now tried my heater for the first time to find out it just blows super cold air. i i opened it up and what it looks like to me is that i have heat strips they just were never wired and hooked up. looking at the pictures, is that really whats going on? would a tech just forget to finish the job? any help would be much appreciated! thanks!!
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    it was working.... played with it.... now its broke.... whats the going hourly rate for HVAC repair

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    yes I agree don't call the non-technician back. I see a romex on the left and assume that was supposed to be connected to something. Can't tell for sure but looks like it might be connected to the white connector plug. If you have heat strips than the two plugs should be connected together and the power wire connected to L1 & L2 terminals. And you definitely have a heat strip. It looks like a 5kw strip which requires a 30 amp circuit.

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    Call a new tech out.

    I can't see the sizing of the wiring, and i would also want the system checked over.
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    Looks like cord and not romex.

    You'll need a tech and probably a new wiring circuit.

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    they did nothook up the heat strip, also those warren heater packs suck and i would prefer a carrier heater. it does look like the power cord is to small should be a # 10 wire from the breaker
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    You mentioned that your new install was for AC and air handler. If auxiliary electric heat capability wasn't asked for or quoted in the contractors price, then that's why the electric heat package isn't connected. The air handler probably came with the electric package already in it no matter what job it was to go to.

    You would more than likely need a completely new electrical circuit wired from the circuit breaker box to the air handler to allow for the electric heat to be used.
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    ditto with fire. You need to call a qualified experienced tech and have them determine if this circuit has enough capacity (probably does not).

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    240 required for heat strips that's why it's not hooked up. Remember lowest bid usually means just that.
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