From Michele Bachmann's Facebook page, this reply was messaged back to me. You will see where she answered my and other's little jabs at her for voting for Boehner:

I wanted you to be elected Speaker but how could you vote for that jellyfish Boehner? Really disappointed in you Michele. :-(

Michele Bachmann for Speaker of the House, A friend posted this and I hope it answers your question: "Heard the best blow by blow description of what happened today during the vote on Huckabee by JD Hayworth, who was hosting. JD use to be in the house and has great insight into what was happening. First, he stated that if it had been a secret ballot, Boehner would have lost. 15 conservatives held out in the first round, Michele and Marsha Blackburn included. Then on the second round of voting only 2 of the 15 voted for Boehner, causing him to win. It was Blackburn and Bachmann that saved his butt. JD said it was in their favor that those two ladies gave it to him in the end. That it raises them to an important level for leverage with Boehner, because he owes these ladies and they will sure come back for payment. Go ladies! Nice strategic move!! Michele knows what she is doing, we should never have not trusted their judgement." ~Shalom