york 3 ton split system straight cool. 1 tech was at the house earlier in the day said he added gas and low side wont come up above 45ish. with high superheat sounded like low charge or restriction. i stop by on the way home its night time. i didnt want to waste much time i pumped down the unit checked orifice ( no txv) clean inlet screen is clean. i blew liquid line and suction line with nitro since i had it open. pulled vacuum. started the unit back up. same thing. pressures were 45/150. i tried adding gas seems like the low side valve core was messed up. it was taking the charge real slow. got the pressures up to 60 low side 170 hi psig.
liquid line temp was 73 degrees out door temp 73 degrees,i see inside the condenser there is a copper filter dryer. based on subcooling and liquid line temp im leaning towards a restriction. the only place left it could be is in the high side king valve or filter dryer in the condenser. or the system has a leak im planning on recovering the charge. removing dryer install new outside condenser and gas her back up. hopefully blow through the dryer and find it to be clogged. any input by the way its an r22 system. if more info needed ask me if i have the answers ill input thanks