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    Related profession - contractor/developer. Fair amount of experience in HVAC from that perspective in terms of subbing and specifying work, but have never grazed anything. I like to understand anything that goes into a house well enough to be able to do my job, and have had to trouble shoot a fair amount of stuff over the years. I know enough plumbing to have some strong ideas about hot water heating (grundfos over Taco!)

    I know enough to know how little I know, and I'm here to learn, especially about heat pumps and instant hot water heaters, which I think are the way of the future

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    Hello and welcome,

    RSES was a great resource when I was starting out in HVACR. Although you are not directly employed in the trade, consider joining your local chapter, take a few classes and take advantage of education and networking oprotunities. You might also consider a class at your local community college.
    Please remember, the experienced members of this forum have years of learning and practice. You don't become a competent craftsman overnight or with a few text messages.
    As the lady sings ... R-e-s-p-e-c-t.

    Best regards,
    Bill Crodick
    Mechanicsville, Va

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