Wow! All good stuff. Appreciate the feedback. Regarding zoning, I did talk to a couple contractors about zoning the upstairs and downstairs. Both indicated it's not worth the $. It was going to be thousands of $. Also, zoning upstairs and downstairs which made the most logical sense would not address the entryway and family room temp. issue which is occurring downstairs. I'll look into the wireless stat. Any names/recommend models would be appreciated. There are definitely not enough ducts feeding the entryway. The current stat is also 6ft. from the input vent. I can feel the air being drawn in when standing next to the stat. I'm sure being close to the vent is not helping things. I'll investigate the wireless option but so far I'm leaning towards moving the stat to the family room. The new stat. location is 20ft. from the heater with one wall to fish new wire from the garage. Total out-of-pocket cost thus far is $5 for 20ft. of wire. Also, the home is located in Northern CA where the temp. rarely drops below 50. The heater is used only 4-5 months throughout the year. Remaining part of the year the heater is off with no A/C. Thanks again.