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    CGAM 30 adaptive view controller replacement

    I am trying to replace the controller on a Trane CGAM30 chiller. I have the techview software tracer ch530 that i have used to try to download the program off of the bad adaptiveview controller to upload to the new adaptiveview and it will not let me. Any advice will be appreciated. Could the old controller be bad and be the reason i cannot take the old program out of it?

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    What version did you use?As far as I know,there are two kinds of techview,one for customers and one for trane employees. Plug in the old adaptive view,open internal version techview,first step is connect computer to the adaptive view,then you can read it.

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    I didn't even know CGAM had AdaptiView. Are you sure it is not a DynaView panel? Or do you even mean AdaptiView? On second read I see you say "adaptiveview".

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    CGAMs only come with a CH530 controller Adaptiview is a Centrifugal product .
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    What Healey said it's not Adaptaview. You've got the wrong version software on your computer. The latest version software - which is what the new micro has. Any version under 14 will not talk.
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