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    Leak Search on Straight Cool Heating Maint.

    Our company here in North Texas participates in largely light commercial and residential based work, with a large percentage of the residential being for home warranty clients.

    It is our procedure to leak search all coils (evaporative and condensing) during heating tune-ups and maintenance, even for straight cool equipment. Naturally, heat pump equipment is leak searched if problems are evidenced during service (pressures, SH/SC, delta, etc).

    Potential leaks are located with an electronic detector, and then verified with soap bubbles. This results in additional billable repairs and often replacement for the residential department while mitigating the spring time demand calls from service clients.

    -Who else participates in this type of "off-peak" testing?
    -Do you agree or disagree with this model and why?
    -Any other good ideas or best practices?

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. As long as your not creating the leaks, you are providing a service to customers who WILL have a problem in the future. Best to solve before the heat of summer arrives and a quick decision must be made.

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