Hi everyone - working on becoming a "professional". I am a very experienced person, opeating in several different aspects of which relate to HVAC systems and controls. I get the opportunity to evalute where building use energy and help to find ways to reduce the energy intensity. Most facilities use the Energy Star system to rate their performance. We also enlist the services of other data bases which have better, more recent, information. Most people do not realize that the data used by Energy Star is well over 10 years old. The update information was bastard-ized by "politically correct -climate change types" and had to be thrown out.

As part of my evaluation work, I need to operate the building automation systems to see if the sequence of operations really reflects the design parameters and if so, is it the most energy efficient way to control. I have been amazed at the condition of some control systems, which have been operating for years. In some cases, pneumatic systems are still operating and doing a great job - after 20 years. In other cases, DDC controls are not even close to following the original sequence of operations.

I would like to have access to the "Professional Control Forum". I often am directed to the site when doing web searches, but can't post questions or answers. I am a Trend Certified Controls Engineer and also have completed the Niagara AX certification.