Hi everyone. I have been directed to this site many times as I have been doing research as I do Energy Audits on Commercial buildings and processes. My background is in facility operations and manufacturing, but it has always included HVAC and refrigeration issues.

I have become a Certified Test and Balance technician in recent years and have had the privilege of being able to travel across the country to preform facility analysis and help facility owners reduce the energy required to condition their facilities. It has been a real learning opportunity and this forum has been a great source of information on "hard to find" manuals and info. I look forward to contributing as often as possible and would like to be able to some day achieve PRO status.

I am currently working on an Air Force Base and need to be able to work with an old Staefa Smart 2 system which has been overlaid with Talon. The base Smart 2 tools are broken so, I need to come up with an interface. The local controls contractor seems to be lobbying to be on site while I do the TAB work. I noticed that "jogas" a professional member has been instrumental in getting Staefa PC Talk and Cabling for those who need them. How can I contact him directly?