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    Flame Flickering on Thermostat

    Hi ~ I am new to this forum, found it while doing an internet search to try and see what was going on with our furnace. I don't want to call anyone out, if it's something simple that we can maybe take care of with a push of a button or something.

    Currently the temp outside has been down in the single digits at night and only up to about 20 during the day. We have a heat pump system (all electric heat) and our thermostat is a White Rodgers, pretty basic, not sure of the model but doesn't have any kind of programmable features etc, just on, off, emerg. heat, fan that is it. On Wed. morning I noticed that it was set to 69 but was not getting up past 67 degrees. The flame icon is blinking and it has not shut off, the furnace just keeps running. It is producing heat but the temp won't go up at all. We thought maybe it was that the unit was working really hard and having a hard time with the low, low single digit temps.

    Any idea on what is going on?

    White Rodgers manuals say that the flashing flame icon has to do with some compressor lockout mode, but I have no idea what that means?



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    Something caused the outdoor unit to shut down and you are just getting heat from the electric heat in the air handler.

    Could be as simple as a plugged indoor filter. Make sure outdoor coil is clean and ice-free.

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    Ok thank you! I will have my hubby check that when I get home from work this afternoon.

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    Could be that someone has it set to lock out the compressor at X outdoor temp.
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