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    Ductwork insulation wet from Hurricane Sandy- remove & replace or just remove?

    My house has a 5' high crawlspace with cement floors (more like a half basement) that took on a bit on water with Hurricane Sandy. All of the ducts for the heating and central a/c are located in this space and some of the insulation around the lower lying ducts got wet. The insulation was fiberglass with a heavy paper backing. I took the wet insulation off and I was thinking of replacing it with Reflectix duct insulation. The crawlspace/basement has taken in water before, usually only with major storms, but New York seems to be getting hit with them more often than we used to. So I was thinking Reflectix because if it got wet again, apparently you can just let it dry out and still use it. I've seen on this forum that some people suggest not even insulating ducts in a basement. So any advice on whether to replace it, or just leave the ducts without insulation would be greatly appreciated. Also, don't know if it makes a difference, but about half of the ductwork did not get wet, so I left that insulation on. I am really out of my element here, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Run your heat, and after the blower has been on for 5 minutes put your hand on the insulation and see how warm it is, then put your hand on the non insulated duct and see hot much warmer it is. If the crawlspace has insulation in the joist, insulate the duct. If it doesn't have insulated joist, you may want to insulate them.
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