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    Confused Wire Gauge, RLA and LRA.

    I have a compressor motor for a new Geothermal Unit. I need to run a new electrical line.

    16.7 RLA. 82 LRA.

    If I go by the 16.7 RLA, with 20% "extra", I get 20.04 AMPS. That leads me to think 12 gauge wire based on internet searching.
    I'm ok getting 10 gauge.

    220 Volts. It's a crawl space in NC, and not in the attic or something (hot).

    The run is about 23 feet.

    The high number ("82") on the LRA has me a little worried.

    Any confirmation? Or correction?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The manufacturer will have a spec on this. What does your installer suggest?
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    Quote Originally Posted by comfortdoc View Post
    The manufacturer will have a spec on this. What does your installer suggest?
    He wants to call an electrician and outsource it. Thus why I'm trying to do the physical part of it (run the wire through the crawl space).

    I'm tapped out, getting this system in$talled.

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    the unit should have the minimum circuit amps stamped on the data plate also gives a min and max fuse size . this info is also on the engineering specifications
    Stuff happens

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    We cannot assist with DIY projects. Against the rules for this site. If you don't know what you're doing, call a professional. Good luck!

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