Does anyone in the HVAC trade know of a Transmitter or 2 lb. Gas Meter that can be connected to the 2 lb. Gas Main & trend the readings to find out if our gas service is dropping too low at different times to cause more than half of our McQuay Units from failing on a Flame Safeguard Alarm. This issue has been ongoing since it 1st got cold and our Mechanical Contractor is worthless when it comes to anything involving troubleshooting or thought. Their feeling is that it is a Gas line pressure issue and they have walked away from the problem after placing a gauge at the leaving side of our Gas Service, which reads 2.1 lbs. every time I look at it. Thus the idea in a meeting by our Cx Contractor to install Gas Pressure trending meters in several spots to see what is going on. Also, we have a BAS System connected to the McQuay self-contained units and their last Alarm for 4 Units was at 11:07AM on Friday Dec 28th 2012.

With Trend Gas Pressure meters or a Gas Burner Pressure Data Logger, we can compare our BAS Time stamps & the Gas Pressure to either rule it out or to put a fire under our Gas Supplier.

What a world we live in, when we spend Millions of Dollars on a New Mechanical System for our Schools and the Contractors give us a car that is missing various parts & stalls constantly.

Thx for your help in this, as I know that we are not the only one's having this similar problem & that means that there must be some kind of meter or worst case would be a permanent transmitter, that is BACnet compatible and ties into the installed BAS System.