SkyHeating has a web sight with a live closed loop system shown. The difference between the EWT and the LWT is on average 3.5 degrees cooler. Is this a benchmark average or just average for this system? Would the same system, if say had a open loop have the same temp. drop if EWT was 62 degrees? Would a larger system have a greater drop or less drop in temp.?

I have both a 3.5 ton and a 4.9 ton system. Both have EWT of 62 degrees. The 3.5 LWT is 52 and the 4.9 LWT is 60 and has a hot water loop that keeps the storage tank at 127 degrees. Which is more normal or average a 10 degree drop or a 2 degree drop? Both heat just fine and only run on stage 1.

The real question is does the 3.5 get enough water and or does the 4.9 get to much water or are they both just normal for each one?