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    Question JCI NCE stuck in startup

    An NCE has two sides to it, one is the NAE side and other is the field controller side. The field controller side (CCT) is stuck in startup, I cannot download, upload it or commission it-I have tried the JCI recommendation of powering it off five times rapidly to clear out the program.

    I am not sure if NUTing it would clear out the CCT part-I know it would kill the NAE side of things-any reccomendations?

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    Power cycling 5 times will only clear out a corrupt program.

    I haven't try this method myself, but know that JCI uses this to reset the NCE\FEC to factory mode:
    1) Remove power from the NCE controller.
    2) You need a 1.5V AA battery. Connect the POS side of the battery to the - of the FC Bus connection, and the NEG side of the battery to the + side of the FC bus connection.
    3) Ensure the EOL Termination on the NCE is OFF, and set the Address on the NCE to 4.
    4) Apply power to the NCE controller. The Fault LED should blink at a steady 1/2 Hz rate. It is now in Factory Test Mode.
    5) Remove the battery from the FC bus.
    6) Create a Hyperterminal connection as follows:

    Configure the Com Port:

    Bits per second: 9600
    Data bits: 8
    Parity: None
    Stop Bits: 1
    Flow Control: None

    On the Settings Tab:
    Function, arrow and ctrl keys as: Terminal keys
    Backspace key sends: Ctrl+H
    Emulation: VT100
    Telnet terminal ID: VT100
    Backscroll buffer lines: 500

    Also on the Settings Tab, select ASCII Setup:
    Place a check in front of Echo typed characters locally.

    7) Connect to the controller using a RS-485 converter (CVTPRO100 or CVTPRO300). Use the same cable as you would when connecting to N2, on terminals +, -, and Com. On the preconfigured cable that comes with the CVT, this is +/BLU, -/WHT, Com/RED.
    8) Connect with the VT100 terminal to the controller.
    9) Send the command >04 DAPP to the controller. The Flash erase takes only a few seconds. You may or may not receive an acknowledgement - DAPP ACK. You only need to wait a few seconds before proceeding to the next step.
    10) Disconnect the RS-485 converter.
    11) Remove power from the controller. Set the EOL Termination and address as required.
    12) Apply power to the controller. The Fault LED should be on solid and the controller is now ready for a download.

    NOTE: The controller will reset 2 minutes after entering Factory Test mode if no valid command has been received.

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    The NUT Tool will not affect the FEC side of the NCE...
    UA Local 141

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    Thanks! The first response got the job done.

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