Just throwing this out there for you guys. Over the last year my company has installed 4-5 new walk in coolers. ( evaps, TXV, line sets and cond.)

And every last one has had a bad headmaster right out of the gate. The latest one is a Larkin m: LHT050X60CFM, new style with the micro channel coil. Once everything is up and running my liquid side hangs about 140PSI on a 180 valve. Check condensor coil and half is warm and half is cool. ( 24lbs of 404-a) Site glass flashing a bit. Add a fan cycler and of course glass clears during fan off. Fan cycles on glass remains clear. Ambient was 30*

We have done this a few times like I said til we can get a new head master, new valve diverts flow as needed and maintains the 180... Just wondering if anyone else has been having these issues right out of the gate.