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Believe it or not - I have had 10 estimates and everyone keep saying the 400 sq ft to 450 sq ft thumb rules. And most people looked at the home and everyone kept saying I will need 5T atleast to cool the home. One contractor measured the duct on the top of the air handler and based on the chart - he said it is large enough of 2000cfm at the attic but where the duct connects to air handler it is around 1500 to 1600 cfm. But to be sure he will have to remove the air handler and measure it too.

So I have filtered it down to both Options :

Air Conditioner 4TTB4061E - XB14 Series
Air Handler TAM7A0C60 - Hyperion XL Series
Warranty : 10 year for Parts & Compressor and 1 Year Labor only


Air Conditioner 127ANA060 - Preferred Series
Air Handler FV4CNB006
Programmable Thermidistat for dehumidification
Warranty : 10 year for Parts & Compressor and 1 Year Labor only

Both Unit Cost the same - which Unit would be better in terms of quality & noise level.
Well I belive you. Here in my area no other company in town does load cal. on homes. They just go by what is there or 500 square foot per ton. Their are no requirments for permits or rebates to do one. While me on the other hand, I belive in a proper sized system but a lot of that is due to past energy rating days. At the end of the day it is the right thing to do but in your case no one will do they are using a rule of thumb for 50 years ago which is sad.

Anyways the Trane would be the best system out of the 2 you narrowed it down to. The XB 14 in a 061 model has a 2 stage/step compressor in it and with the variable speed air handler you have a good system just hope that it works good since no one has ran a load on the home. At least it is 2 stage while still could be oversized? At least it will be able to stage is wired up properly.