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    and home cheapo and lowes sells the worst ones to the unknowing home owner
    Stuff happens

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    Have you looked into a nest thermostat? Keep reading nice reviews about them and the ease of use.

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    No dependability issues with Honeywell here period. They seem solid in my experience, the big problem is lack of configuration features in setting the thermostats up (i.e. second stage auxiliary heat set point variance).Also their price gets high as soon as you hit the touch screens, but it always seem that is what people want more.
    I have a customer who had a nest and thought it would allow him to come and go without having to mess with it, he was wrong. His schedule with his work was erratic and caused him to be constantly adjusting the thermostat. I told him he should probably just get a digital non programmable and simply put it on what he wants when he gets home and leaves,old school style...

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    Ive had RTFM program for a while and alot of the thermostats don't have the installation manual available which is quite frustrating. I always email and ask for updates. Had to straighten out problem with carrier stat manual mix up. I should start my own program!! I've been the one giving update tips and program problems! My Dropbox account is more up to date with product manuals then any program i can find.....

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