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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfdog View Post
    I'm not sure whose sobriety is in question...

    Let me qualify my earlier statement. The scrolls do not ride against each other like a bearing. Depending on manufacturer, they will rouch at several points in a 360 degree rotation or they do not touch at all and oil makes the seal.
    So the chances of metal coming from the scrolls is minimal.
    I took it to mean the OP's senior tech.

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    Thanks for the reading wolfdog, I've gotton a somewhat general consensus that through normal wear scroll head shavings are not a major problem, but also not totally out of the realm of possibly, especially if perhaps the quality control on the scroll line is lacking or any other number of manufacturing problems. Thanks everybody for your input.

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    The way to truly find out if and what the metal shavings in the oil are, is to conduct an oil analysis. copy and paste the following URL in your web browser to see what information is obtained through oil analysis.

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