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    If you were buying a house, would it make a difference? 80 vs >90 AFUE

    --mid 90s house currently with original 80% Gas Furnace and about 3.0 Heat Pump
    --located in the northwest with moderate temps (1 month of below freezing at night/2 months of above 90 during the day)
    --Thinking about upgrading and not having any idea how long we'll be around, but probably 5 minimum years.
    --Realizing that the money put into a new system .......... I'll never see again


    If you walked into a house and the selling agent said: "Hey this house has a 95% AFUE furnace and a decent HP, both around 5 to 10 years old".

    Would that make a difference to you as a buyer (over an 80% with the same age) ?
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