I went on a call to fix a steam table , 6 foot long , one burner

I get there and find pilot will light as im holding in button , but goes out when released. Ok fine , new thermocouple.

New thermocouple , still no lighty

Ok lets replace pilot valve

Nobody around has this Baso Valve H15DA-3

I look up specs , its 335,000 BTU , 3/4 inlets

Boss finds one similar , Baso H15HR-2 , 3/8 inlets .... he says dont worry about it , reducers will make it fit , customer needs right away.

Ok do what the boss says.

Fire it up , flames like 1/2 inch tall , crap that wont even light a friggin cigarette

I look up specs online , its 160,000 BTU valve he got

Im like , pffffffft thats your problem right there.

Boss says naawwwww thats not it , oh must be orafice. Pull that , its a 56 , clean as whistle.

Boss says must be main valve. ( regular half turn type)

Take that apart , its clean.

He brings another main valve and says use this one.

Replace that , we now have 3/4 flame.

Hes now saying thats fine , bill them and move on

I told him we need the correct Btu valve , and he says no that doesnt make a difference because it dont need 335,000 btu to run.

Is he right ? If I threw on a valve twice the Btu it wouldnt be a higher flame ??