Hi everyone.

I have an older furnace that is in good working order, no issues. I can't determine the age, but I would guess older than 20 years. I bought the house about ten years ago, and the furnace has run without a hiccup.

As far as climate zones go, average winter temperature spread is 35 f low, 45 f high, kind of moderate winters. (Tacoma, Washington area)

I'm thinking about upgrading to a more efficient furnace, and want to get more educated before I get contractors out to my house, and start wading through the sales pitches.

Now I'm down to determining what level of efficiency of unit, and which brand.

I'm thinking something along the line of an 80%, two stage unit. Furnace only, no A/C.

Now, with regards to brands, I'm overwhelmed with info, and not all of it positive. I have read about brand x (top level brand), with a history of failing heat exchangers, and another top shelf company with a class action lawsuit against them for quality issues.

I've got a working, (although older and I'm certain less efficient) unit, and am absolutely terrified of "upgrading" my way into some POS furnace that is just one problem after another.

The name brand is worthless if the quality control is questionable, or if service is an issue.

Is there a comprehensive ranking that sorts these companies and models on mean time between failure, or anything like that? (yes, I'm an analysis freak..)

Thoughts? Advice?