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    I would like to hear anyones opinion on a good heat load calculatiion software. I am at a point where I could go into buisness for myself, but do not have the time to go back to school to learn man j /d . I have 7 yrs in the buisness and mainly do change outs. I am a Firefighter and really just want to use hvac work as a supplemental income, however I want my work to be A PLUS, as I have always been taught to do the best job I can. Thank you for any advice!

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    Go to top of this page and click Hvac Calc.

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    I have used Wrightsoft for 7 yrs and love - i have tried others like elite and just didn't find it as accurate and user friendly. Some local jurisdictions only allow certain programs to be used within their areas also- so make sure to contact your local building authority and make sure of that.

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    I downloaded HVAC-CALC (again, at the top of this page)a couple of months ago for use on my own abode. As a novice to the HVAC world, I found it an intuitive piece of software. Most everything is explained in the accompanying instructions, you just need to fill-in the blanks as shown by the included tutorial. The one thing I changed was the suggested setup parameter showing the coldest temprature here in Smyrna, GA as -15 Degrees (I used zero F). Okay, maybe once in a century it hits -15...

    The software does allow you to choose flex or rigid duct, and will give a PDF file output showing recommended duct sizes per room. Highly recommended.

    Hope this helps.

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    Originally posted by ffswany
    I am at a point where I could go into buisness for myself, but do not have the time to go back to school to learn man j /d .

    I have 7 yrs in the buisness and mainly do change outs.
    wRIGHT Soft

    Let me know your needs via e-mail (see my credentials)
    Designer Dan
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    Lackster : -15 ODT anywhere in Georgia???

    I just scrolled through all Georgia city design conditions provided in HVAC-Calc and none advised a winter temp below +22 Deg F.

    -15 Deg F would be reasonable in parts of northern New England or the upper Midwest, but certainly nowhere in Georgia or any adjacent state...

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    Click the bullseye at the top of the pa... Hey! Where'd the bullseye go???

    HVAC-Calc for me. If you want to be punished use ResCheck.

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    You are correct. I fired up my HVAC CALC program and used the Marietta-Dobbins (Air Reserve Base) location (I hear the sound of freedom flying overhead at all hours - sweet!).
    My version 4.0.50 defaults to 21 F winter, 92 F summer outdoor temps.

    My appologies to Don Sleeth. I guess this means I have NO issues with the software. Just read the instructions carefully.

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