dan sw fl posted a link to the following site last week that shows the weekly heating oil and propane prices. I've read through quite a few posts that mention the high price of propane but didn't realize just how much it varied throughout the US until looking at that site.


I'm just curious about the actual prices that members have paid recently. I've only lived in my house since Oct 2011 so I have a limited sample size. My supplier gives a $.20/gal cash discount if paid in full within 14 days. I also received a 1% dividend last year.

Here's what I've paid so far:

Nov 2011: $1.77/gal ($1.97 before discount) - Initial fill after purchasing house
Jun 2012: $1.30/gal ($1.50 before discount)
Nov 2012: $1.35/gal ($1.55 before discount)