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    Insurance companies will probably start denying coverage or raise your premiums if you test positive for pot like they are for tobacco, in states that it is legal.

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    Random drug testing is a violation of the 4th amendment. SCOTUS may say it isn't but it is. We keep giving up more and more liberties in the spectacular war on drugs/terrorism that now they are going after guns.

    If you agree that drug testing is O.K. And not a 4th amendment violation, than you should not ***** when they go after your guns, and your right to free speech, and your right. . . . . ..

    We are treating a sickness-addiction- as a criminal matter instead of a health issue.

    As far as my employer is concerned. He should only care about toxicity on the job. Urine and hair tests do not determine toxicity. There is such a thing as responsible use be it alcohol or drugs.

    The industrial medical complex is just as dangerous as the military industrial complex. Just look at the Obama health care as a starting point.

    How is the state testing welfare people going to save us money anyway? I don't see it.
    We shall never prevent the abuse of power if we are not
    prepared to limit power in a way which occasionally may
    prevent its use for desirable purposes.

    F.A. Hayek

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    I see it as them just buying votes with their give a ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfshadow View Post
    I don't think so, but I'm a bit draconian and think most of these programs need to go away in the first place. They do more harm then good creating dependence and hopelessness. I have seen first hand the situation of someone forced to chose living with help solely because if they took a job it would make her children less well off. This was a family member who was deeply ashamed of taking things like food stamps who wanted to work. Then their is the uselessness of drug testing in the first place. People already have ways around these tests, so requiring them is sorta pointless. This is a useless feel good measure.

    The solution is winding down these programs, not useless programs that just cost more money.

    As a conservative I say no to govt drug testing for welfare. We don't need to open that door. The govt should not be intruding into our bodies. What else will they start drug testing us for? 401k benefits, Social Security, Pensions, etc.

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    I strongly say yes to drug testing for a privileged commodity. I have to get drug tested so i can make my money and i far too often seen where my money goes and who it "helps" more people abuse the system. If it weren't for that this wouldn't have even been an issue

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